1 more sleep – Are you ready to relay!

This year’s Relay For Life is even closer to the heart of Xavier High School.

When former student Braedon Hensel, 22, lost his three-year battle with cancer in June, it galvanised the school to go all out for the event.

School house groups have been involved in the relay for the past four years but this time the entire school has been called into action including students, teachers, family, former students and anyone else who wants to get on board.

PE teacher and house co-ordinator Aaron West says Braedon’s death struck a chord with students who are passionate about making a big impact this year.

“We would love to have 400 people join the team, that’s half the school community, and our aim is to raise $12,000,” Mr West says.

“Cancer touches all lives in society and within the school there are many people who have lost close relatives but it’s a bit closer to the heart this year.”

For more information abouut tomorrow’s event download the Border Relay for Life Newsletter


Why did you get involved in Relay For Life?

There are so many students and their families affected by cancer that it is really great to be part of a community event that supports them. I like the fact the relay is about action, not just giving money. You can see, feel and do something tangible.

What is the most powerful aspect of the event for you?

From the corporate world through to children, this event brings together the community of Albury-Wodonga and it really is an event people mark on their calendar.

What do you think students get out of participating in this event?

There is a real sense of satisfaction of giving of yourself, of both your time and your physical presence.

I think an event like this encourages students not to be so self-absorbed and reflects what life is all about.

Walking laps with people of all ages and different experiences of cancer really brings homes the message that there is more to life than material things like their phone or Facebook.

We don’t force students to be involved but even if they only give an hour, we ask they come in the right spirit — that they really give of themselves and be in the moment.

Interested to join the Xavier High School team?